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The word “vacation” make puts a smile on everyone’s face. For every person, vacation is much needed. We stuck in our daily routine. It is said time flies. We get so much involved in our work we forget to cherish our life. So for every person, no matter what’s the age, each and every person should go for a vacation. Before going to a vacation people do lots of research about the place, where they would go, how much they would spend. But most of us miss one important thing. That is a travel insurance. Yes, a travel insurance. Now you would ask for sure, why do we need that, it is a matter of few days or few weeks. But you never know what destiny has kept for you.

When you go to a new place for vacation, anything can happen. Though we pray that we can reach home safely, still no one have control over the fortune. So you should prepare for it always. Travel insurance is acts a safe guard during your tour. It will safeguard you from the unforeseen circumstances. It does not mean that the insurance will stop the accident, but it will help you to combat with the accident. It will provide you monetary help. Which is vey important during that delicate period.

If you want to make a foreign trip plan within pocket friendly budget, nothing is better than Malaysia and Singapore. It is advisable where ever you travel, especially foreign tour, get your travel insurance done. When you are with your family, it is very much important. Are you planning for Singapore trip this year? Contact Travel insurance guide who will share al the details about the insurance. What are the benefits for taking the insurance, why you should take it? How much it will cost etc. As most of the people are unaware of travel insurance. Most of the people know about only life insurance, health insurance, term insurance, etc. Let see what is travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?

It is one type of insurance which give coverage to certain misshapen to the policy holder. For an example

  • Trip cancellation,
  • Flight loss
  • Passport loss
  • Baggage loss or

Any type of emergency misshapen, that is take place during your travel time. If you are a family man, and you are on the vacation with your family and kid, it is your responsibility to take care of your kid and family. When you are on tour, your kids are unstoppable. They run, jump, fall down. They are in just a vacation mode. Sometime they get injured by playing. You cannot stop your child to play. One thing you can do is take precaution for them. Parents become stress out when they are with kids. To stay chill out in the whole tour insurance is mandatory. Let see the benefits which you can have when you buy travel insurance.

Benefits of travel insurance

  • Overseas emergency medical assistance

You will get the coverage for 24 hours. You will get ambulance, medical evacuations, and even funeral arrangements too.

  • Overseas emergency hospital and medical

If you or your family need hospital assistance due to accident or injury or any kind of illness purpose. You will get the coverage of surgery, hospital coverage, emergency dental treatment and many more.

  • Travel expense and accommodation

Suppose you fell sick and get injured and do not find any accommodation in hotels. The insurance will cover the accommodation cost and the travel cost both.

  • Family emergency

Family always should be the first priority. If you are travelling with your relatives, family, friends and they need emergency medical help and need to be hospitalised soon, and you do not have much to spend at that moment. Travel insurance will cover everything.

  • Journey resumption

Many times it happens that your travel companion fallen sick during the journey or pass away and you need to return to home urgently. Your flight tickets will be arranged soon and covered by the insurance.

  • Get coverage for the travel companion

If any of your travel companion is no longer want to continue with the holiday because of severe illness or injury. All the travel expenses will be reimbursed by the insurance company

  • Accidental death

God forbid you stay healthy and wealthy, but in case if the policy holder die within 12 months from the travel time because of injury, the death payment will be offered to you.

  • Hospital amount allowance

In overseas if you are hospitalised more than two days, a certain amount will be given to you.

  • Permanent disability

In case you lose your eye sight or any of your body limb during the holiday. A disability payment will offer within the 12 months once you return home.

  • Loss of income

If you are injure during the trip and cannot do any work, you will be paid for the loss for the particular period of time.


Now you know what are important benefits of the travel insurance. It is important to decide the time when you are taking the travel insurance. Do not delay. You should buy the insurance just after you buy your tickets for the destination. The reason is if god forbid you or your partner fall ill while traveling or there is some other mishap and you or your partner is hospitalised in that case travel insurance will cover all the medical expenses. In case you or your partner is so ill that you need to fly back to your home than the travel insurance company will also cover your tickets back to home which can cost very high as you are booking the same in a short notice.

All in all, we can say that travel insurance is very crucial while you fly for longer tour especially to a destination outside your own country. Prices generally are same for all these travel insurance plans and they cover almost similar items but still compare them wisely while you buy a travel insurance. So to have a happy and a safe journey you must buy travel insurance.

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