An Ultimate Guide To Buy Maid Insurance From Best Insurance Provider

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Buy Maid Insurance From Best Insurance Provider

Many people believe that maid insurance is just there for paying the medical bills and protecting the domestic workers from liabilities. However, in addition to these things, there are more nuanced things present in the maid insurance policy. It also protects the house owner from potential bad behavior, when the maid is of less than stellar character. In Singapore, the house owners are known about the importance of maid insurance and availing the policy from the reputed insurance providers. Even though a vast number of insurance providers are available in Singapore, you have to find out the best insurance providers. The article contains significant guidelines to buy maid insurance from the top rated insurance providers.

Why Maid Insurance is Needed?

You cannot predict when unfortunate things and there is nothing wrong in preparing for those things. The life of the maid is filled with more risks. The chance to meet with an accident related to cooking or driving is high for maids. To handle the financial problems in these situations, you can make use of domestic maid insurance. The maid insurance is playing a significant role in maid life. Every insurance provider is framing the insurance policy as recommended by the Ministry of Manpower. The higher officials in the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore are framing requirements related to medical expenses, safety, and protection.

Types of Coverages in Maid Insurance

In addition to the basic coverages, there are some additional coverages available for maid insurance. The following are some of the common coverages of the insurance policy.

  • Personal medical accident and hospitalization coverage– The house owners can file a claim for their maid when they meet with any serious accidents, which cause the death of the maid or any permanent disability in their body.
  • Outpatient coverage and dental treatment-As the name indicates, the outpatient coverage is applicable, when the maid is hospitalized due to illness or injury. Whenever your maid met with an accident during cooking, driving the motorbike, or cleaning the living room, or doing household works, these outpatient coverages can be used. The outpatient coverage will include medical bills for surgery and dental treatment.
  • Rehiring expenses and Maid Termination-As the safety and security concern, these rehiring expenses and maid termination coverage have more value in maid insurance. Whenever the foreign domestic worker breaches the bond or contract, you can make use of the rehiring expenses and termination.
  • Infectious disease coverage-Some of the insurance companies are offering infectious disease coverage for maid insurance. It covers infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, influenza, and many more.
  • Third party liability-The house owners, who are all satisfied with the ethical work of the maid can take the third party liability coverages. The minimum amount of third party liability is fixed by the insurance providers.
  • Theft Coverage-This coverage will protect your personal and family properties from theft perpetrated by the domestic worker.
  • Wage compensation- Wage compensation has an effective benefit when the maid is hospitalized due to illness or injury for a few days.

Find out the best insurance provider, and choose the coverages by considering your maid needs and requirements.

Ways to Choose the Best Maid Insurance Policy

It is quite complex to choose the best maid insurance policy. This is because; the term “best” depends on the individual and their priorities. Some house owners prefer the lower cost maid insurance policies, which are satisfying the MOM requirements. While some people in Singapore are choosing the policy with a higher number of coverages without considering its cost. So buying the best car insurance policy will be depending on an individual’s perspective.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to find the best maid insurance policy is getting quotes from different insurance providers. From the different quotes, you are able to know about their policy coverages. So choosing the maid insurance policy with the best coverage is quite easy when you obtain quotes from an insurance provider.

How to Select the Best Insurance Provider?

To obtain the best maid insurance, you have to find out the best insurance provider in Singapore. You have to look at policy rates, types of discounts from the portfolio of the insurance provider. Read about their customer reviews and feedback to know about customer support and service. Choose the insurance provider, who is offering lower insurance policies with different types of discounts. You have to compare the different rates of the policy and choose the best insurance provider, who is smart and wise in coverages.

Time to Avail the Maid Insurance

It is the right time to avail of the maid insurance in Singapore. HL Assurance is one of the leading insurance providers in Singapore. You can approach them to get the best maid insurance at lower rates with high coverages. Make use of them and clarify your queries regarding the maid insurance policy.

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