How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans to Look Awesome

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Perfect Pair of Jeans

Everyone has a unique and different body shape and you need to know your body type to find a perfect pair of jeans Singapore to look awesome. While buying jeans you should consider two factors, one is how comfy it is, and the second is how good it looks on you. It becomes hard to find such pairs that fit you perfectly. The designers of these jeans are focusing on creating such pairs that suit your body type. There are various products available in the market for different body types.

Some people have their upper body curvier as compare to the lower body. In order to look decent and presentable, you need to choose a pair that can help your body looks balanced. On the other hand, some people have curvier lower body parts as compare to the upper body part, so they need to wear jeans in such a way so that the bottom part looks thinner and altogether looks great. Basically, we have two body parts that help us to decide what to wear and how to wear and that is our waistline and bust line.

Before searching for the perfect product online or from the stores directly, you need to know the perfect measurement of your body. And to do so you need to buy an inch tape from any local shop. Measure your waistline and hipline and keep the note of it to yourself. We are focusing on looking good and comfortable jeans at the same time; a little homework will allow you to get those perfect pair of jeans that you have always dreamed of.

Experiment with your looks every now and then with the varieties of jeans available in the market. Types of Denim are something which is loved and adored by millions of people around the globe. The fashion of wearing jeans is very old and authentic. A perfect pair of jeans can never go wrong with any of your outfits; you can team it up with tops, shirts, t-shirts, tunics, etc. Jeans are meant for every age group and gender.

Here are a few guidelines for you to find a perfect pair of jeans you can choose for yourself. With your sense of style and fashion, you can make it look more awesome.

  •         Jeans for apple shaded body – If your body is curvier on the upper side and less curvy at the lower side then that means you have an apple-shaped body. This body type is widespread, and you can easily get a perfect pair of jeans Singapore for yourself.  Go for the tapered ankle jeans, it will allow you to look balanced by adding some volume to your ankle areas. These styles point ups thin legs.
  •         Sandglass shaped body – If the diameter of your bust and hips are similar and the waistline is tapered then it is considered as a sandglass figure. For this type of body, you can experiment with different types of jeans but the skinny fir jeans will look best on you. These skinny fit jeans will enhance your waistline. Try to find a pair where the pocket diagonals are smaller so that it can give you a good shape from the back.
  •         Ellipsoidal or oval-shaped body – If the lower part of your body is curvier then opt for jeans with more flares or wide looks. Stretchable boot cut jeans can be a very good option for you. It will highlight the ankle part and it will give you a very sleek look. It will make you look even taller and do pair it with some heels for that flattering look. Denim shorts women can also be an option for you.
  •         Long legs – If you have long legs as compare to your upper body then opt for the low waist jeans. It will create a balance between the upper body and the lower body. It will make you look slim and fit. If you are one of those who love to flaunt their long legs then go for the high waist jeans. It will define your legs more and make you look even taller. You can pair it with tops or shirts.
  •         Denim shorts – If we are talking about jeans then it’s not just about long length jeans but denim shorts as well. Denim shorts are available for all body types. The best way to find a perfect one is to choose according to your height. If you are short then go for the shorter types of denim. It will create a mirage and makes your legs look longer. It will make you look taller as well. If you have a good height then you can wear shorter or longer shorts both.
  •         Jeans for men – A good pair of jeans is something we all deserve. For men, there are few options as well. If you have an overall leaner body then goes for baggy jeans. If you have a slim waist but muscular legs then go for straight fir jeans.
  •         Perfect color – The most common and widely used colors of denim are blue, black, and grey. You can easily pair them with any tops or tunics. Apart from these colors, there is a number of other colors available in the market from pastel colors to darker colors. You can choose whatever you want. Here is the tip on how to pair them. If you are opting for light colors then go for the brighter and dark-colored upper wear. And if you are wearing dark-colored jeans then opt for lighter color tops.

There is a long list of shapes and styles of jeans. The trends and styles change every year, you can always look up to the internet for a little guide. You might get confused with the styles and patterns but the above-mentioned point will definitely help you to choose a perfect one. Denim short women are the new ways of wearing denim and it is very flattering.

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