How Do You Clean a Propane Fire Pit?

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Those fire pit which functions after when wood or coal is burnt needs special attention in cleaning. But that does not mean you should not clean your propane fire pit; if you are one of those who still doubt whether maintenance work of fire pits is required or not, then to your knowledge, yes.

There are many benefits and advantage of cleaning your old propane fire pit. Of course, even if they are brand new and used only one time, then also you must ensure proper cleaning.

The very first benefit of maintenance work is that it extends the durability and life span. The fire pit is just like any other furniture’s inside your house, which requires cleaning. Even though if they are designed for outdoor use, still you must get the cleaning done in no time. By cleaning, you can easily extend the durability, but how?

Simple, whenever you remove the left residue or wooden ash, you make a surety that there is no chemically active material left that can react with the body of the fire pit. Hence, the life span of propane fire pit can be increased easily without the need for serving.

The second best excuses for you to clean those dirty fire pits based on propane gas is that you can get a more elegant look. Of course, nobody wants their backyard to look ugly with those blackish and dirty fire pits. Believe or not, you guest and friends will love those wonderful pits if cleaned.

Last but not least, one can easily cook grilled food upon them. Imagine roasting your favourite hamburgers and getting the taste of leftover ash. There is no guarantee about the taste, but your overall health may get affected in a bad way after when you still these foodstuffs.

So, if you have changed your mind and planning to clean your propane fire pit, you must be having a question about how to clean them. Don’t worry; cleaning can get really easy if you follow the below-given tips and method.

  • Extinguish the fire first

Going to clean your stone fire pit table propane? Wait, don’t get your hands off before extinguishing!

At the very moment when you will start with cleaning, ensure that the fire is completely extinguished and there is no more flame showing up in the pit. Although, your eyes are not just enough for this purpose.

A fire pit without any fire flames might look that it has been 100% extinguished, and this is the reason why most of us face hand burns and other injuries. Looking at the propane-based fire pit is not just enough to ensure that fire has got down completely.

Of course, now you don’t have to touch and feel the temperature of the fit. This can be the worst idea ever. So, the best way to ensure that you have extinguished the fire is to first disconnect the actual fire pit from the propane gas cylinder. The next type is to wait for 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the size of your fire pit.

Well, you might think about pouring water for this purpose. To your knowledge, pouring water is indeed the best way to extinguish the first, but not on the fire pit. By doing this, you are damaging the product quality, and there is a huge possibility that your fire pit might get rusted in the near futures.

At last, use a temperatures detector to get a clear idea about how hot it can be while you touch the fire pit for cleaning. The best temperature for cleaning should be below 34 to 45-degree Celsius. And ensure that the temperature is matching with the room temperature.

  • Clear debris

To clean a propane-based fire pit does not require much time. After the extinguishing process is done, it is time to clear out debris from the top of the fire pit.

At first, do not try to touch the burner for clearing out debris. There can be a great possibility that the burner is still hot and untouchable. In the meantime, clean out the waste and leftover foodstuffs while cooking on the fire pit.

And yes, ensure that there is no more flammable substance like petrol or alcohol bottles or even perfumes. Make sure you have cleaned the burner now without leaving out small food particles. There are chances of tiny insects, and house flies get attracted from these leftovers. If you don’t want them to enjoy your fire pit, quickly wipe out and spray insecticides.

  • Wipe with care

Usually, the best gas fire pit tables do not require additional cleaning after you have cleared out the debris. Although, some of the manufacturers still recommend wiping fire pit tables for extra benefit

Wiping does not mean you must splash a bucket full of water over your propane based fire pit burners. By doing this, the original quality will differ in the course of 3 to 4 years if you continue splashing water.

When we talk about wiping the fire pit tables, it simply refers to using a soft sponge to get out those unwanted elements that are stick to the surface and body of the propane fire pit.

Instead of just normal water, use some amount of cleaning agents, damp cloth and soapy solution made with enzymes and chemicals. Reach out to those burners and extreme edges where cleaning is more required.

By cleaning the burners of the fire pit, one can easily ensure that there is no fuel blockage in the future and the fuel and flow without any difficulties.

  • Cover it up

Once you have cleaned and the water gets soaked, it’s time to cover with a canvas or vinyl cover provided by the manufacturer. And ensure that you kept the propane fire pit under cover until your next use.

If you don’t have any cover included while you have made the purchase, buy from us! The cover is quite important to prevent damage from strong winds, rainfall and even from hailstones.

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