How to Find the Best Maid Insurance Plan in Singapore?

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Best Maid Insurance Singapore

As in Singapore, the Maid Insurance Policy is a mandatory thing for every employer. The policy covers the accidents based on work-related and medical care charges that were sustained by the helpers. It is drawn to protect the family and the helper, with considerable compensation if she suffers from any disability permanently or suffered death for the cause of the accident. The whole amount was paid or to their beneficiary.

A dozen maid insurance is available, but it’s hard to find out the best maid insurance Singapore. It is overwhelming for one to search for the best suits you and your domestic worker need. It is mostly true since bringing a new person into one’s part of the family creates new risks that are difficult to foresee. While choosing an insurance plan is based on the budget, which is a good idea, one should always consider what one wishes to protect, and the employee’s medical needs.

Find out the best maid insurance

  1. Buying a maid insurance looking at the cost

Maid insurance was usually based on three different tiers based on the price and the coverage level. It makes it easy to differentiate the insurance policy, which fits into one’s budget. On average, the basic plans offer less coverage with a small coverage option, whereas the top and mid-tier plans provide a considerable protection level. But this doesn’t lead to cheaper plans not necessarily to be a good fit for everyone.

  1. Basic Maid insurance

This type of insurance costs an average, which is a good, fit for the one who was on a restricted budget and did not need much protection. Whereas the basic plan tends to offer less coverage with less protection than the more comprehensive counterparts, still one can find a great value fit. If one is on to the domestic workers and has other expenses, the basic plan could be a great point. It is a good option if one has a track record from zero to a few claims and will be saving some cash in the following policy.

  1. Mid-tier Insurance

The mid-tier policies will be the most suitable medium for the more cost-conscious one who still wants a greater variety in coverage. It also provides a good value on the dollar premium paid in comparison to the other coverage tiers.

  1. Top-tier Insurance

The consumers who tend to have the most comprehensive plan provide one with extensive coverage. If one can afford it, then the plan provides a wide breadth of coverage with high payouts, reducing the risk while hiring a new employee. This policy covers up things such as the theft coverage, liability of the third party, hospitalisation. You can choose any tier of the maid insurance policy as per your requirements. To get help visit the agencies that provides financial experts for suggesting the ways to find the best maid insurance plans.

  1. Choosing insurance-based from Coverage

The policy of maid insurance differentiates itself by covering out the protection from more extensive options. It ranges from additional coverage of medications such as the hospital healing and outpatient expenses to liability coverage such as the protection from theft and lawsuit. If one can anticipate what kind of protection one needs, one can find the policy that suits best for such a lifestyle as it saves the highest cost from your pocket.

  1. Medical Coverage

It is an essential part to consider while evaluating the maid insurance policies. As the employer, one is responsible for paying all the medical expenses as every policy provides a minimum coverage of personal accident expense and hospital expense. The leading organization differentiates itself by providing additional forms for medical coverage. Most policies cover the expenses of primary outpatient such as kidney dialysis or cancer and hospital recovery.

Winding up the plans that match the critical illness health insurance plans needs helps save the large pocket expenses, whether it may be psychological trouble or one who gets sick quickly. Suppose one finds spending so much of medical expenses from the owner’s pocket. In that case, it needs to choose the medical coverage that ensures the foreign domestic worker’s safety, as in time, your maid could find themselves in a risky situation.

  1. Liability Coverage

If one’s central corn is protecting one’s family and their valuables, then search the policies that offer a higher level of protection against the lawsuit and theft. The joint liability policy coverage is the coverage of third-party liability. This protects from lawsuits suppose in an event the maid accidentally damages the property that belongs to someone. Suppose there held a high level of interaction between the maid and strangers during their duty hours. So with these liability options, it protects one from legal accidents and any other medical conditions as per the policy.

  1. Additional protection

Keeping these points in mind, one can easily choose the best maid policy available in the market. Few insurance companies provide optional coverage add-ons on the policies, which is an excellent way to personalize the policies to which one needs. If one gets the policy of their likings but lacks something of one’s need, one can prefer the add-on policy. Through one’s total cost, which will be a bit higher, you will cover the policy covering the risks and save the money, avoiding that expense in the future.


These are the few things that help out while choosing the policy to fulfill the needs and save many expenses from one’s pocket. No policy gives the perfect level of coverage for one’s need, many policies provide ample coverage in making sure as one and their maids are protected. So while choosing any of the maid insurance plans, choose according to the cost, coverage, additional protection, and other considerations. You can differentiate the maid insurance policy according to the various options. It includes additional medical coverage, liability coverage, and outpatient expenses. Protect yourself from lawsuits and theft. If possible, then talk with the financial expert and discuss the details regarding your requirements.

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